Intelliscanner Mini – the ultimate geek's gadget


I do some particularly nerdy things – like having things in a particular order or doing things in sequence out of habit – but I’d stop short of barcoding all my goods using the Intelliscanner Mini.

Granted, there might be a practical use for scanning the barcodes of your goods – for insurance values perhaps – but it’s got to be a sign that you’ve got a little too much time on your hands. But if time is plentiful, this can scan up to 150 barcodes before downloading them to your computer.

And there’s even software to manage your wine collection, home inventory, groceries, books, CDs, DVDs and comics. If that sounds like a great weekend to you, it can picked up for $299.99 (around £150).

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Dave Walker
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  • Why buy another device?

    Who leaves the house without a cell phone?

    Get the mobile platform named Qode downloaded on it and scan 1D, 2D symbologies, QR, data matrix, etc. to get instant information on that object.

    How about a coupon with that scan?

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