All hail the personalisable pixelly mobile phone

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For most mobiles, personalisation is basically about installing your own wallpaper or ringtone, rather than altering the look of the device itself. However, designer Nils Siegel has come up with a concept phone that lets you go much further than that.

It’s a clamshell handset, with a grid lattice on the exterior into which you fit coloured squares to create your own pixel-tastic designs. Apparently you could even throw precious metals and gems into the mix too, if you were suitably rich.

On the one hand, I love this idea for its sheer silliness, and the inherent creativity required to create an interesting design in a few pixels. On the other hand, I wonder if pretty soon, mobile phones will just have an OLED screen on their exterior, for you to personalise with a photo or image of your choice that doesn’t involve painstaking shape insertion.

(via Yanko Design)

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