The Hercules MP3 Mobile DJ Preview Edition Digital Mixer

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hercules-mp3-dj-preview-edition.jpgThe HMP3MDJPEDM, as we shall call it for the sake of our poor fingers, is taking the old Hercules Mobile DJ Wireless MP3 Mixer and making it even MORE wireless!

Actually no, it isn’t. What Preview Edition brings to the party is the ability to preview your next tune via the supplied cordless headset, like a proper DJ, so you can hear which Britney single you’re currently playing (probably ‘Toxic’) and which one you’re about to play next (probably ‘Stronger’).

As before, a wireless dongle plugs into your PC, which then transmits your MP3 collection to the mixer with ‘radio waves’, letting you mingle with partygoers or DJ from the safety of the toilet. Plus the dual LCD displays let you know what you’re currently ‘dropping’ or whatever modern youth term is currently fashionable for ‘playing’.

The HMP3MDJPEDM comes with a cordless headset, all the software you need and will be available in November for £79.99.

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