Saitek launches new range of metallic PC speakers


Saitek has a new range of PC speakers on the market, promising an ‘explosive’ sound and smart design.

For the former, I suggest you try before you buy, but for the latter, the metallic black and silver finish should help sales along nicely. The new range features three sets of speakers – the 3D 210, 3D 380 and 3D 590 – all incorporating ASIS, Saitek’s advanced stereo imaging system, which offers precise, distortion-free, stereo sound. All models also have an advanced bass contour control which can be customised to room acoustics and Neodymium drive units.

The 3D 210 are compact 2.0 speakers offering 10W of sound for the £19.99 price tag. The 3D 380 is a middle of the range 2.1 system is with 80W of power and enhanced bass response from the ported woofer enclosure. That sells for £34.99. The 3D 590 has 90W output, two double drive satellites and a woofer unit plus a wired remote for £49.99.


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