Pub Mania brings your local Nag's Head to your mobile phone

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pubmania1.gifHere’s one mobile game that’s after my own heart, Pub Mania, which is set in, whaddya know, a pub! Luckily it doesn’t come with the lairy lads, stale stench of sweat and beer and pork scratchings wrappers littering the floor. That’ll be in Cocktail Mania, heh.

Created by Gameloft, the game revolves around the idea that you’re a landlord (finally, a chance to play The Baddie in an all-too-familiar scene!), who has to show customers to their tables, take orders and serve up the gin and tonics. Watch out for the hot coffee mod which includes having to shoo junkies away from your beer garden, and break up bar fights between football fans…

You can do a bit of interior decoration, by painting your pub with new tables, decorations, hire bands and even update your menu with various chilli con carne, lasange and burger ‘n chips. Thankfully your pub attracts more than one flavour of clientele, with up to 13 types of customers walking through those swinging doors in search of their poison.

Out soon, the price is yet to be confirmed.

(via PocketGamer)

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