NU Dolphin 1GB MP3 player – music while you swim

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Fancy some music during your pool time? The NU Dolphin 1GB MP3 player could be for you.

It’s specifically designed for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts, a light/compact cylinder-shaped player that attaches tightly to your person. The controls are accessible on the side, with earphone connection kept watertight via a special screw-in jack.

Both the earphone and the player were tested to comply with IPx7 international water resistant standard, there’s eight hours of playback between charges and the tracks (MP3 or WMA) can be downloaded to the 1GB memory via USB. You can pick one up for £69.99.

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  • Great for listening to motivational tracks while swimming laps. Innovative and suprisingly effective. Great work from the designers!!

  • This is justifiably a Red Dot design award winner. Reminds me of depth charge, which is a perfect design for its application.

    Those earphones look good for any kind sport training. So often with MP3 players you have to go out and buy new earphones if you want to use it whilst running etc. With this the problem is solved.

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