Vaughan Smith, English video journalist, Twittering live from Afghanistan

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How many of us actually use Twitter for a worthwhile purpose – or even use it at all, these days? Most of my friends’ Twitter feeds are updated with dry accounts of whether they chose sushi or a sandwich for lunch – not the most interesting read, let me tell you!

Luckily there’s a video journalist out there who’s making all us Twitterers look good by association, and that man is Vaughan Smith. He’s based in Helmand, Southern Afghanistan with British troops on the frontline, and is twittering every move he makes whilst there. Dontcha just wish you could be a fly on the wall when he receives his mobile phone bill?

Not only is his Twitter account getting a work-out, but he’s also using YouTube and a blog to file his stories from Afghanistan. Certainly a more interesting read than whether sushi or a sandwich won out in the end for lunch!

Vaughan Smith’s Twitter

From The Frontline (Thanks Graham!)

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