Ultimate Fantasy Cue: Hopeless for playing pool, great for looking tough


ultimate_pool_cue.jpgMcDermott, creators of handcrafted pool cues, has come up with “the Ultimate Fantasy Cue”, a scary 3D piece of collectible art featuring four bold bladed wings, a genuine Italian obsidian gemstone sphere, and all set in a solid piece of stainless steel weighing 82 pounds, machined over the course of one year.

It has taken over 1800 hours to create, including hand engraving, hand etching, and hand machining, measures 63.5 inches from sphere to tip, and has a large blade wingspan of 9.25 inches.

The winged blades are inlaid with 24 karat gold, and the butt is constructed from 46 individual parts.

Want it? It’s a one-off costing a mere $150,000.

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Andy Merrett
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