TwinMOS launches B1 series of 4GB mobile disks for Vista

USB Memory

TwinMOS has unveiled its B1 series of mobile USB disks, offering up to 4GB of storage in a compact case measuring just 2.8mm thick and weighing 1.5g. It comes in a variety of colours including black, white, pastel yellow, pink, pastel blue and pastel green, so if the styling of your USB media is important to you, no problems here. It can even be personalised.

It also features a carrying ring and silver coated chain, allowing it to be carried on a keyring, mobile phone, belt, or anything else.

It claims full compatibility with Vista, but is equally at home with previous versions of Windows as well as Mac OS X and Linux.

The 4GB USB stick costs £36, the 2GB £20, the 1GB £14.00, and the 512MB £8.

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Andy Merrett
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