It's official: newborn babies have better accelerometer than iPhone or Wiimote



Jason Kottke has been trying out some important experiments, vital to the ongoing wellbeing of humankind.

He set out to find which, out of an iPhone, a Wiimote, and a newborn baby, has the best built-in accelerometer.

The iPhone fails miserably, as it’s easy to stop it flipping from portrait to landscape mode if it’s moved slowly or at an odd angle.

The Wiimote is better, as it registers small, slow movements, but for pure evolutionary survival instinct, the newborn baby wins hands down — or, in fact, out.

Thanks to the Moro reflex (video), they will throw out their arms sideways if they sense themselves falling backwards.

while the Wiimote’s accelerometer may be more sensitive, the psychological pressure exerted on the parent while lowering a sleeping baby slowly and smoothly enough so as not to wake them with the Moro reflex and thereby squandering 40 minutes of walking-the-baby-to-sleep time is beyond intense and so much greater than any stress one might feel serving for the match in tennis or getting that final strike in bowling.

Oh yes.

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