BRGR N FRIES N LRG CKE, PLZ – McDonalds debuts mobile phone ordering


mcdonalds-text-order.jpgIf talking to people when you just want a bloody burger is too hard, you might want to move to Korea – where a branch of McDonalds has just started accepting order by text message.

It’s not as fancy and futuristic as it sounds, though – eaters at the top-class “restaurant” have to sit at a table, plug an infra-red reader into their phones, then scan what they want in off the menu. You’re then sent a text notification when your reprocessed lips, cheeks and skin has been sufficiently microwaved to kill off most of the bacteria.

Lots of complicated technical speak explaining how the whole thing works can be found over at the Korean Times. It all sounds a bit complicated and ‘novelty’.

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One thought on “BRGR N FRIES N LRG CKE, PLZ – McDonalds debuts mobile phone ordering

  • Giving your order through SMS and getting your meal easily? No waiting in the que, no struggling, no repeating “no ice for cola!”, “not big size, regular please!” each time, no waiting in front of cashier while your order being prepared and other people rushing?
    Huh, sounds a bit dull!

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