Blyk facing MMS problems in its launch week?

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blyk_ad.jpgWe reported on the launch of ad-funded mobile network Blyk earlier this week, including an analysis of the MVNO’s strengths and weaknesses. However, among those weaknesses wasn’t ‘inability to send picture messages to other UK mobile networks’.

However, is reporting that this is the case, quoting a posting on the Blyk website that apparently warns users that users can’t send MMS messages to users on Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and 3 because the connections “are still under construction”, and advising them to use email to share photos instead.

I can’t find that post on the site, which means either that you need a Blyk login to see it, or the problem has been sorted. Hopefully the latter is the case, since launching without MMS interoperability would be pretty embarrassing, especially as Blyk uses MMS to deliver ads to users.


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Stuart Dredge
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