Win an iPod Nano for your thoughts on digital music!

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Home taping is killing music! Oh, hang on, no. Home taping got killed by CD burners. So CD burning must be killing music! No, hang on, it’s all MP3s round here nowadays. MP3s are killing mus… etc etc. Actually, we think James Blunt is killing music. We’re sure on that one.

Let’s be honest, music isn’t dying. It’s just evolving into something that you don’t necessarily walk into Our Price and pay for. Not least because Our Price doesn’t exist any more. But if you’re into your digital music (or even if you’re not), we want YOUR views. And we’re prepared to bribe you for them.

Simply fill in this survey about music downloading, and if you’re a UK resident you could win one of five iPod Nanos. Sorry Americans, but console yourselves with being able to buy iPhones. Bah.

Shiny Media music downloading survey

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