Pogo Alert – avoid speed cameras and accident blackspots

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The Pogo Alert is being marketed as ‘a state-of-the-art Driver Safety and Information System’. But its real purpose is probably to keep you on the road.

That’s because this isn’t sat nav, it’s a warning system for approaching speed cameras (static and mobile), accident blackspots, schools and congestion charge zones, with the first of those very useful if you already have a number of points on your licence. The Origin360 speed camera database is pre-loaded, offering audible and visual alerts including speed trap type, speed limit and proximity to ‘hazard’.

Pogo Alert also includes a highly sensitive infra-red laser detector to protect against mobile laser based speed traps and ‘safety camera vans’ via the supplied (removable) laser detector module. A six-month subscription to Origin360 is included, after which you’ll be loking at an annual fee of £50.

The device itself is available now for £249.95.

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