Mobile users shunning advanced phone features, despite industry hype

Mobile phones

n95-features%20copy.jpgAs a certified gadget geek, I tend to get excited about any new feature inside a mobile phone, whether it’s a hi-res camera, GPS or even fertility-tracking software.

But it’s easy to lose track of the fact that not everyone thinks that way. A new survey from Continental Research hammers that point home. Apparently, a whopping 68% of mobile users say they would prefer a more basic phone that’s more affordable and easier to use.

What’s more, Continental’s research into 11 types of mobile activity (downloading ringtones/games, sending MMS, watching mobile TV etc) indicates that in eight of those categories, a LOWER proportion of mobile users is doing them than this time last year. It’s not great news if you’re a mobile operator or manufacturer.

Continental Research website (via Mobile Choice Blog)

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