Mambo II – phone and GPS monitoring for athletes

Mobile phones, Satellite Navigation systems

One for the sporty amongst you – the Mambo II – which is a mobile device that can monitor your location and your personal data.

It’s a miniature quad-band phone, but also a GPS device, supporting 15 to 16 hours of uninterrupted GPS tracking and a GPS standby of around 30 hours. And it has a tracking and history function, allowing athletes to plan/adapt training methods, as well as monitoring speed and direction. It also has Bluetooth, allowing it to hook up to other devices or for easy download of your data, as well as being waterproofed to protect against the elements.

Available in blue, red, black or silver, it costs 350 Euros without a contract. There are also plans to make the device available through local network operators in conjunction with a mobile telephone contract.

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