Fujitsu Siemens ditches LOOX range of PDAs and bails out of market


The warning signs for tradtional PDAs have been there for some time, with the smartphone now overwhelmingly being the tool of choice for the tech-savvy business person. So it’s no surprise to see Fujitsu-Siemens bailing out of the market, ditching its LOOX range of devices in the process.

According to the company’s spokesperson Amy Flécher: “We made our decision due to the usual examination of the portfolios. It turned out that the traditional handheld segment (PDA) shrank for years and also many other manufacturers leave this segment. While the wireless handheld market grows fast, the PDA market moves on a very low basis with small volume. The trend is that the traditional handhelds are replaced by other devices such as PNAs or smartphones. We will not invest into these product ranges.”

“Handhelds and handheld devices with push E-Mail will remain a niche market. In the future these services will be taken over by smartphones – which is not our business at all. We observe that other manufacturers, that offer similar devices, have to fight with difficulties.”

Fujitsu Siemens website

Via PMP Today

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