Video game console wedding cake pleases the wife, loses appetite of groom

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At the risk of Tech Digest resembling Kotaku’s very-unofficial spin-off blog, Game Cakes, I couldn’t not share this doozy with you. When Tech Digest writer, Al, got married a few months back I suggested he have a game-themed cake, and sadly he vetoed the idea, but I bet after his eyes fall on Game Daily writer, Carol Orsini’s wedding cake, he’ll regret not forcing his missus into that Monkey Island cake he always dreamt about.

Girls dream about dresses when we’re young, the boys dream about wedding cakes in the shape of Alex Kidd.

So, we’ve got an Xbox 360 on the bottom, next up is a PS2, weighing Sony’s crowning achievement down is the bog-standard Xbox, and then, et voila, the limited edition gold Legend of Zelda GameCube. What really makes me laugh about all this is that her husband is a non-gamer. Nice one, girlfriend, respect.

Carol Orsini’s wedding cake on Flickr (via Game Cakes via Wonderland)

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