This week's hottest high definition stories: Samsung dual format players, format wars continue, European Commission investigation, US surveys, Virgin V+ Box


Samsung has provided a few more details of its forthcoming BDP-UP5000 dual format player, while Toshiba has permanently cut its HD DVD player prices.

Amazon and Microsoft have partnered to encourage independent filmmakers to use the HD DVD format – a format that’s now been boosted with new interactive features, and whose professional association claim more titles have been released than Blu-ray.

Meanwhile, the European Commission is investigating the practices of HD disc manufacturers.

Denon may be planning a Blu-ray player, while Panasonic is set to release a 4x Blu-ray recorder, and has developed a 4x 50GB Blu-ray disc.

A US survey reveals that most HDTV owners don’t watch HD programmes.

Other news:

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