Steampunk Powerbook? More like Clockwork Powerbook!

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Now that you know the, err, inner workings of the design aesthetics of steampunk pieces, here’s hoping you will appreciate the work that’s gone into this steampunk Pismo Powerbook created by Mr. Mordasky over at Mac Mod.

Using just broken clock parts purchased on eBay, aluminium sheet metal, gloss, and a bit of bronze paint, he has designed and made all by himself the perfect black steampunk Powerbook. Words cannot describe just how much I’m salivating after this machine – even if it is a Mac. Wonder if Mr. Mordasky would oblige to donning a pair of Steampunk goggles and an old Victorian outfit, and model it for us? Preferably whilst commuting or in a board meeting, heh.

The Clockwork Powerbook at Mac Mod (via Brass Goggles)

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One thought on “Steampunk Powerbook? More like Clockwork Powerbook!

  • SO WHAT? It does not move. It is not link to the operation of the unit at all. This is just a cosmetic mod. I could just as well have been painted on. Now if these mods actually did something (e.g., actually used for open or closing the lid) that might be more interesting. This is just an another steampunk POSER.

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