Show your commitment to Peace One Day with a digiwristband

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Rather wearing a wristband on your wrist, you can show your commitment with a virtual one – the digiwristband, which is being launched by British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley to promote Peace One Day – with the aim of uniting and inspiring people across the world on 21st September 2007.

The Peace One Day digiwristband allows you to express your commitment via websites, blogs, email signatures, MySpace or Facebook profiles and screen savers. Everyone who logs their personal commitment at the Peace Day website, receives a digiwristband with a unique number and access to exclusive content, including other people’s commitments from around the world.

The Peace One Day website will also show a series of short films to explain Peace One Day’s work around the world, in order to inspire individuals to get involved. Additionally, people will be invited to send in user-generated footage that documents their Peace Day commitment in action.

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One thought on “Show your commitment to Peace One Day with a digiwristband

  • Nous allons organiser une grande émission “TÔT GAIETE” le vendredi 21-9-2007 sur la chaîne du peuple et de la Paix RTNC avec l’équipe”ArtisandePaix” componsée de Serge Kalubi,Lushima Ndjate, Nancy, Virginie et autres; émission qui touchera 50000000 de Congolais. sur le Thème: Moi je suis pour la Paix.
    Révérend Dona Kabamba Kantolue, PastorofPeace

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