Nissan launches nagging sat nav system

Satellite Navigation systems

If you thought your car was a sanctuary from all the moaning and nagging of the outside world, think again – it’s coming after you.

Well it is if you are planning on buying a Nissan. The Japanese car maker is adding warnings about drink driving to the latest version of its Carwings navigation system. You see, drink driving is a big problem in Japan, so if you happen to get in your Nissan after 5:30pm, a voice will say: “Do not drive after drinking!”. That continues until 5am, when the messages changes to “Let’s continue safe driving today”.

I’m all for it. And if it can also politely remind me of family birthdays, upcoming appointments and general food shortages in the house (perhaps by some kind of PDA link up), I’ll take one. And if it can do the driving too, all the better.

Nissan website

Via Digital World Tokyo

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