Motormouth – charades with rude words

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TV has never been the same since Give Us A Clue with Lionel Blair departed our screens. Indeed many would argue it has never been better. But if you actually feel nostalgic for a bit of play acting in font of your mates, you could pick up Motormouth.

Instead of acting out the Guns Of Navarone, Motormouth is all about words and phrases – including a few slightly risque ones (just in case your gran is around). The idea is to do whatever it takes to get your team mates to guess your word against the clock. Just don’t say it. Get it right and get a point – and pass it to the other team, which has to do the same.

First to seven points wins – or the one with most points when time runs out. There are loads of words and categories, so you’ll never be short of new ones. And it’s all self contained in a small unit, so you can even take it down the pub. It might take everyone’s mind off the cigarettes. Available now for £19.95.

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