Mass of unorganised online video leading to frustration and lack of interest


A new survey reveals that many people are frustrated with or disinterested in online video, because of the sheer volume of content and the fact that it’s often disorganised and hard to search.

96% of those questioned by Kelton Research said that they don’t find the video they’re looking for in their initial search.

61% of Internet users feel overwhelmed by the volume of video content available, while 46% choose not to watch online videos at all because they dread the task of trawling through search results.

Though more seasoned and determined users may continue to search for content, the majority of light users give up searching very quickly.

According to WeShow—a human-edited repository of videos collected from other sites such as YouTube, MySpace, DailyMotion, and MetaCafe—the main problem, apart from the volume of videos, is that many hosting sites rely on automated systems to collate content and provide search results. There’s also no way to ensure that content is correctly labelled.

Of course, you’d expect them to say that their service provides a better experience, but there’s little doubt that, at least at present, a human editor can label a video more accurately – if not impartially. The bigger problem is that the system is harder to scale. It’s much easier to add a few more computers to process content than it is to add humans.

Andy Merrett
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