Joost gets new VH1 comedy… before VH1 does!

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joost-logo.jpgTelly 2.0 service Joost is picking up a head of steam, having revealed this week that it’s now signed up more than 500,000 users. It’s also announced a surprising deal with VH1, which is letting Joost stream its new ‘I Hate My 30s’ sitcom ten days before it premieres on VH1 itself.

Admittedly, VH1’s parent company Viacom is one of Joost’s investors, so it’s not that shocking a deal. But it’s really interesting that a big TV channel sees Joost as a good place to promote a new series in advance of it airing, not with trailers, but with the actual shows.

The eight-episode show will include advertising on Joost, and VH1 reckons it won’t cannibalise the viewing figures when it airs on the main channel later.

Joost website (via I4U News)

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