How much to make a $599 iPhone? $220!


iphone-cost.jpgApple hasn’t said much publicly about who’s supplying the various bits of the iPhone, but US firm Portelligent has been trying to find out, via the unorthodox means of tearing a handset to pieces.

It claims the touchscreen is made by German firm Balda, the main microprocessor chip and flash memory comes from Samsung, while another chip comes from NXP Semiconductor. But most startling is Portelligent’s conclusion: that the cost of materials in an 8GB iPhone add up to around $220.

That doesn’t include the final assembly costs, but cor, eh? It’s a fat profit whichever way you look at it. And, of course, it leaves plenty of room for price cuts in the future once the early adopters have all piled in…

(via Business Week)

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