Clarion DriveEye – automatically record your car crash


Last week we featured the Black Eagle MD3000, a GPS unit with ‘black box’ functionality for recording any accidents that might happen involving a vehicle using it. Along similar lines is the Clarion DriveEye, which has just been released in Japan.

It’s a small camera that attaches to your windscreen to record any accidents you might have. How does it know? Well, the Clarion DriveEye camera automatically senses emergency braking and captures video before, during and after an accident. It saves 15 seconds of footage in its buffer from right before the crash occurred, and an additional 5 seconds after impact. The device has no moving parts, and is packed into a heavy duty magnesium alloy housing, so it should be available after the even the nastiest of bumps to show who was to blame.

Currently only available in Japan, it retails for the equivalent of £220.

Product page

Via Technabob

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  • very good idea could of used one a few months ago,

    Please could you tell me how much they are


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