Pogo Drive and Alert – GPS with built-in camera locator

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I think I’ve said before that the best way to avoid points for speeding is to drive within the speed limits. If that’s a little beyond you, the Pogo Drive and Alert devices can give you a helpful nudge in the ribs.

The Pogo Drive features full feature colour, touch-screen and uses Navteq mapping with seven digit postcode search and 2D and 3D views. Fairly basic stuff – but there’s also the camera locator. It accesses Origin’s camera location database, which is updated around 3.5 times per week, so you’re guaranteed to be full informed. And if that’s your only concern, there is a camera-only mode on the Drive.

An upgrade on that is the Pogo Alert. This one offers all of the previous features, plus a laser sensor for the detection of laser based speed traps. This sensor is easily removed meaning the system is totally future-proof against future legislation (which may eventually outlaw laser detection). Pogo Alert warns drivers of all fixed speed cameras, including Gatso cameras, Watchman, Specs average speed cameras, Truvelo cameras, Speed curb and DS2 Speedmaster cameras and accident blackspots; as well as mobile ‘safety vans’ and mobile laser guns.

The Pogo Drive and Pogo Alert should be available through Pogo and Origin dealers UK wide as well as in Ford, Saab and Vauxhall dealers. Pricing to be confirmed.

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Dave Walker
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