Perez Hilton wants an iPhone

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PerezHilton.gifHE’S the undisputed Queen of the celebrity bloggers but Perez Hilton is the first to admit he’s a total technophobe.

In fact, he’s only getting the internet in his flat next month when he moves – nearly THREE years after starting showbiz bible

But despite not being any good with gadgets, Perez told Tech Digest there is one gizmo he can’t wait to get his hands on.

He said: “I really want an iPhone. They just look so cool.”

And Apple’s gain could well prove to be T-Mobile’s loss if Perez dumps his trusty Sidekick in favour of the music mobile, out tomorrow in America.

“I always have my Sidekick with me as I can post to the blog from that. I have done so many times.

“I was in London the week Britney Spears shaved her head and Anna Nicole Smith died. I was constantly on the Sidekick blogging.”

Luckily Perez – who has been helping launch the new version of – has a trusty techie on hand to help him out. The day we met him his site had crashed.

He admitted: “It wasn’t down, I was having major technical difficulties where some people could get onto it and some couldn’t. We have new servers and I think the word is ‘propogate’ apparently so it takes a couple of hours to 48 hours for people’s computers to view my new server address.

“It’s all very boring stuff to me. I’m not a tech person, I’ve never been one to have TVs, gadgets and cameras and that kind of thing.”

He added: “I didn’t really know blogs before I started my site in September 2004. But then I discovered Blogger and Blogspot. It’s so simple. You name your blog, choose from a few templates and within five minutes you can be communicating with the world.

“Now with MySpace and Friendster anyone can do it. It’s really inspiring to know you can communicate to anyone at all and you don’t know who is reading what you write.”

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