mpion MP3 player – plays your tunes and removes your spots

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What could be the ultimate teenage add-on for an MP3 player? Yes, spot removal. And that’s what you allegedly get from the mpion MP3 player, new to the Japanese market.

The mpion, made by an anonymous manufacturer but for sale on various Japanese sites, isn’t exactly a top-end player, packing just 128MB of storage, which hosts around 32 tracks. But there is that negative ion generator.

Yes, I said a negative ion generator. Apparently negative ions can clean skin pores when applied to the face, much more than washing or certain cosmetics if you believe the hype. So hold the player to your face and watch those spots disappear. Whether this trade off to a poor man’s player is worth it depends on your own personal vanity.

If clear skin does mean more than cool technology, the mpion retails in Japan for ¥20,790, which is just over £86.

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Via Digital World Tokyo

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