MiniCat: a catamaran in a bag


minicat.jpgWhat’s with all these boats in bags? A couple of days after we covered the Navigator III inflatable boat, now Firebox is selling a collapsible catamaran that packs down into a rucksack. It must be something in the water. Ahem.

Anyway, the MiniCat is a two-person catamaran with inflatable twin floats, which when dismantled fits into a bag measuring 1350x280x280mm. One person can assemble it in half an hour, with no tools needed, and it weighs in at 35kg, so can be worn on your back without putting you into traction.

It’ll cost you though. The MiniCat comes in three models: Standard Blue (£2,450), Super Blue (£2,550) and Sport Red (£2,750), and can be ordered now.

MiniCat product page

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