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If you’re one of those people who’s so important you have to do business with your mouth while your hands are doing something else, the IOGEAR GBHFK201W6 (!) Bluetooth speakerphone could be for you.

Now, even while operating heavy machinery or driving a coach-load of children around perilous Welsh mountain roads, you can talk to your credit card company about the strange $8.99 fee you don’t remember authorising…

Or you could, for example, check your phone banking balance while demolishing an old 1960s tower block with a gigantic ball and chain. It also handles VOIP connections, so you could conceivably have a laptop on your lap while driving and simultaneously doing business. Imagine how much fun it would be negotiating a roundabout!

Plus there’s a clip for attatching it to your car’s sun visor, a car charger, USB charger and a rechargeable battery that gives you eight hours of hot, business chat time. It’s basically a Bluetooth speaker that works with any Bluetooth mobile, so you can shout even louder at your telephone than ever before. People will be left in no doubt whatsoever as to your importance.

It costs £69.99, which an important businessman like yourself could easily put through on expenses without anyone even questioning it.

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