Get in a spin with the Walkera 5-6 Genius Chopper


walkera-chopper.jpgFlying a remote-controlled helicopter around the living room? It can only end in tears. Maybe installing those crystal chandeliers was a bad idea… Nevertheless, if you’re brave enough for some lounge chopper action, the Walkera 5-6 Genius Chopper is well worth a look.

It’s just 17.5cm long, and is capable of moving forwards, backwards, left and right, counter-rotating, contra-rotating, and dropping a noxious payload of anti-flea powder on your cat. At least, I hope that last one’s true, as it’s the biggest selling point for me.

It’ll give you 7-10 minutes of flytime per charge, although be warned, the remote control takes a whopping EIGHT AA batteries. It costs £99.95 and is available from Firebox now.

Walkera 5-6 Genius Chopper

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