Daily Tech Hotlinks for 11-June-2007: BlackBerry Curve, iPhone, TorrentSpy, Sony, Vista, Flickr, Charlie Brooker, Facebook

Daily Tech Hotlinks, Digital Music, Mobile phones, Web 2.0, Websites

-ZDNet catches RIM out by Googling ‘iPhone’, and discovering one of the sponsored links is for the BlackBerry Curve, tsk tsk.
– The end is nigh, as one of the largest BitTorrent sites, TorrentSpy, has been ordered to monitor its users’ online activities, to then be handed over to the MPAA. Goodbye, oh fair Lost downloads…
– Sony has a bee in its bonnet, this time with Microsoft’s Vista, claiming it doesn’t support Intel’s Turbo Memory technology. If correct, the ‘Soft could be sued for deceptive marketing practices.
– The Chinese government has added Flickr to its list of banned websites, reportedly in attempts to protect children from racy images.
– Charlie Brooker joins Facebook! The Earth is flat, after all!

Katherine Hannaford
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