Bluetooth bandits – thieves use technology to aid car crime


Half a brick used to be the way to break into a car and steal the contents. But now it seems technology is equal to brute force when it comes to crime.

People are falling victim to so-called Bluetooth bandits – where local criminals are using Bluetooth technology to pinpoint the location of items such as portable satnavs and mobile phones left in unattended vehicles. Leave your device switched on with its Bluetooth activated and it can be tracked within 10 metres. Once detected, the vehicle is targeted and broken into – probably with that brick.

Hampshire Police reported that in just one night last month, seven incidents of theft from cars were reported in the Eastleigh area which they believed involved the use of Bluetooth technology.

Cornhill Direct spokesman Mark Bishop said: “We would urge people not to leave anything of value in their cars but if they must they should always be kept in a locked glove compartment with the Bluetooth device switched off.”

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