Want to see the world through your favourite celeb's eyes?

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Will Head writes…

If you’re celeb obsession is getting too much for you, you may soon be able to get your fix of their lifestyle 24/7 if the rumours about Natalie Portman’s attempt to get funding for her own lifecast are true.

The idea behind watching people on webcams isn’t new – it’s been around for years. Like most things in life it was pioneered by the porn industry but then taken on by the normal folk too.

Lifecasting, one the other hand, is different because you’re not actually watching the person, more seeing things through their eyes.

This practice was pioneered by Justin Kan, the 23 year old owner of Justin.tv. Here you can follow Justin around, seeing everything through his head mounted camera and uploaded in real time via a wireless internet connection.

It’s quite possible that the internet has created a genre more mind-numbing than watching a Big Brother live feed, but with 51 days gone it seems Justin isn’t giving up.

If Natalie Portman is successful in her supposed plans, maybe that will just be the start. Soon, everyone who’s everyone will have their own lifecast – it’ll be like blogging for people that don’t like to type.

Perhaps you could even watch someone, watching someone else’s lifecast, while also streaming your own. The possibilities are endless.

If only the technology had been established before Paris Hilton started her sting behind bars. Now there’s one experience I’d definitely like to see.

Will Head
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