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Will Head writes…

The rumours about proper American broadcasting company snapping up online video show Wallstrip have turned out to be true.

Founder Howard Lindzon confirmed the deal, where else, but on his blog. He didn’t specify whether it went for the anticipated $5m, but it’s apparently somewhere near there.

So with blogs ten (million) a penny, the fastest route to web stardom these days appears to be through video, rather than written, content.

Of course, it helps if you’ve got some wealthy backers that believe in your vision and they’re prepared to pony up some cash so you can get going. According to Fred Wilson, one of the investors, the team were putting together each episode for less than $1,000 a pop.

What’s perhaps more impressive, however, is making the dry world of corporate finance and Wall Street entertaining and interesting everyday. Of course, that niche has now been filled, but there’s surely no shortage of topics to choose from. Flat packaging daily anyone?

You also need to be able to spread your videos far and wide, through every social network and video hosting site known on the whole wide internet. Then you’ve got to be prepared to go back and collect all the various stats, so you know how many people are watching.

Then you just need to get a host (the more upbeat the better) and a script (factual but funny) and you’re ready to go. Who knows, nine months later the best of the world’s broadcasters will be beating their way to your door trying to get you to sign with them. Either that, or everyone will be producing daily video shows, and you’ll just be lost among them. Still, at least you’ll have the archives to watch over again while you look for the next big thing.

Will Head
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