TVersity adds video streaming support for PS3 and Wii

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tversity_ss.jpgTVersity is a nifty little app that will transcode video on the fly – useful if the device you want to play it back on is a little picky on the formats it supports (can anyone say Xbox 360?).

The latest version adds support for FLV Flash video conversion, so now owners of a PS3 or Wii can play too. In addition, it also works with the Xbox 360, PSP and Nokia N800.

It will happily transcode from DivX, Xvid, WMV or MPEG1/2 files – in fact providing there’s a DirectShow decoder installed for the format you want to play it should have no problems working with it.

TVersity is free to download – grab it from the website if you want to have a play.

Will Head
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