Toshiba launches Lapjacks – customise your laptop cover


Toshiba has announced the launch of its Lapjacks service, allowing laptop owners to design an original, customised cover for their laptop – picking designs from a number of images on the website or from your own digital photos.

it doesn’t matter what size of laptop you have purchased, the adhesive vinyl cover for the machine is engineered to fit the exact dimensions of the laptop. And if you get bored of it, you can remove it cleanly, re-using at a later date if you have a change of mind. They also have a practical use too – protecting from scratching and cosmetic damage.

“The personal design service offered by Lapjacks means that laptop users are able to make their laptops look and feel the way they want. Consumer electronics devices are becoming multi-purpose accessories and people want their devices to reflect their personal choice and style,” said Matt McDowell, marketing director, Toshiba Computer Systems Division UK. “For the first time ever people will be able to design their notebooks to reflect their personality,”

Lapjacks are available now, priced at £14.99 for pre-stocked imagery and £29.99 for customised designs.

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