Samsung YP-T9 Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player now available in the UK

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We did a video review of the Samsung YP-T9 MP3 player earlier in the year. Well, a few months down the line, it’s finally available – and if you have some Bluetooth headphones, all the better.

Looking not unlike a mobile phone, it also features something mobile phones tend to have over music players – Bluetooth – which means you can go wire-free if you have suitable headphones. As a music player, it’s compatible with both MP3 and WMA, as well as DRM files. And for sound, there’s a nine-band equaliser and an option to limit the volume if you’re worried about your ears.

There’s also video playback in MPEG4 format on the 1.8-inch screen, with files optimised on your PC for your player before use. And it’s also a photo viewer, voice recorder and text viewer, with a couple of games also thrown in if all that’s not enough.

In the shops now in a range of models from 1Gb up, prices start at £79.

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One thought on “Samsung YP-T9 Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player now available in the UK

  • This player is garbage. I’ve had two of them since christmas and it is now May and they both have had the same thing happen to them. At first, they are great, easy to load music to, great sound quality great battery life and then the software starts to act up, the player won’t sync with the computer then it starts to malfunction. The power won’t shut off. I have one right now that I am sending back to the manufacturer for repairs and then will be listing it on ebay. I’d buy something else a sansa or an ipod.

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