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intempo_pg02_review.jpgThe propaganda

The PG-02 resembles the styling of its predecessor, the PG-01, but replaces wood with silver for a more modern look – which given it’s a digital radio is probably more appropriate. There’s only so much retro Roberts look that you can deal with.

In addition to DAB, it’ll also double up as FM tuner, is mains powered and includes a display panel for easy tuning and station selection.

The good

The PG-02 is a doddle to setup – just plug it in, extend the aerial at the back and hit the auto tune button. It’ll scan through the stations available and then it’s just a case of flicking though what’s available to find something that tickles your fancy.

Reception was very good – it picked up over 50 stations in London and audio quality was clear without any squelchy dropouts you sometimes get with digital transmissions.

The two line display makes it easy to see what you’re listening to and it’s quick to respond, only taking a couple of seconds to tune into a station.

The bad

The PG-02 is more of a kitchen radio, that something you’d place in the centre of your lounge to crowd round and listen to. Audio quality is good if you’re listening at a moderate volume, but push it too loud and it soon starts to distort.

It’s a little lacking in bass – don’t expect earth shattering results from a unit this size.

You’re also tethered to the mains supply as there’s no battery option – fine if you’re going to leave in the same place, but a bit of a pain if you fancy moving it from room to room as you travel around the house.

Geek Sheet

Radio: DAB and FM

Speakers: 2 x 5W

Display: 2 line LCD

Presets: 8

Timer: Alarm, sleep timer

Auto tune: Yes

Dimension: 250x190x110mm


If you’re just looking to dip your toe into the world of digital radio, then for £60 the PG-02 is a great entry level model. The audio quality is reasonable provided you don’t crank it up too high or expect mega-bass.

It would be nice if it had a battery option, but other than that it’s a simple to use, reasonably priced DAB radio.


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