Nokia 2505 – the entry-level clamshells keep coming

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If you’re on a budget and like the Nokia brand, you must be jumping for joy today. Although personally, I’m just seeing a raft of handsets that differ slightly, but not all that much. Indeed, the Nokia 2505 just seems like an amalgamation of all the others announced today.

Actually, there are a few differences. This is a CDMA phone for the Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Africa, China and Latin America markets. And indeed a handset with an eye-catching smooth-back design. It also features a 65,536 color display, speaker phone, personalised voice reminder, ringtones and wallpaper, pre-loaded games, 300-contact phonebook, FM radio, flashlight, up to three hours of talk time and 156 hours of standby.

“The Nokia 2505 offers a slim, elegant and innovative design that appeals to the fashion sense across all consumer segments” said Larry Paulson, vice president and general manager of Nokia’s CDMA business. “Nokia also recognizes that many functions, including an FM radio and quick-press flashlight are of particular importance to entry market consumers, and were included as standard features on the Nokia 2505.”

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