Motorola launches ROKR Z6 music phone

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Describing your handset as a “music masterpiece” is probably a bit strong, but Motorola’s ROKR Z6 is an interesting music phone in a a slim, sliding case.

According to Motorola, the handset moves easily from phone to music player with just one touch. Once you are in music mode, there are dedicated music keys and a navigation wheel for easy browsing of your library. The music player is Windows Media Player 11, with transfers of files via USB, including DRM tunes. In fact, Motorola has done a deal to make it easy to sign up to Napster, as well as offering a month’s free access to the service.

Music capacity is up to 2GB (via memory card) and it offers Bluetooth streaming if you have the right headphones.

Arriving over summer, there’s no pricing information available as yet.

Motorola website

Dave Walker
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