Mobistar – let them bid for your mobile contract

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Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple, like the idea of letting the mobile phone companies bid for your contract. That’s the thinking behind Mobistar.

Launched earlier this year, Mobistar claims to shift the buying power to the consumer, offering the opportunity to say exactly what phone you want, what deal you want and what budget you have available. In effect, you make them come to you with an offer as opposed to browsing what’s available in the shops.

Sign up at the site and add your requirements, including how long you want to stay contracted. Once your ‘Wish’ has been made, it can be viewed by approved dealers and offers can be made. You can choose to accept or decline – and there’s no cold calling. If you like what they offer, you can sign up.

The service is free, with no affiliation to any specific company. Sounds like a good idea in theory, whether it works in practice – well, you’ll have to find out yourself.

Mobistar website

Dave Walker
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