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Mscape. HP are pretty chuffed with themselves that they’ve come up with this. It’s in Beta at the moment, but the idea is you can use any Windows Mobile PDA with GPS, to collect relevant information about your surroundings. So, depending on where you are, you can play games, listen to music or watch videos, all of which are relevant to where you are. It’s already been tested at the Tower of London, where people could play games relating to the site (presumably involving beheading royalty). HP is going to provide a toolkit which can not only be used by professional developers, but also consumers, so you can create your own experiences.

It’s based along similar lines to Google World, where you can read other people’s notes. Flickr do a location based search, where you can look at what other people have been taking around the world. And now, HP think they’ve cracked converging all this media. You can check it out at where you can download mediascapes HP and third parties have created, as well as create your own.

Susi Weaser
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