Homersapien finally arrives in the UK


We hinted at the arrival of Homersapien back in January – and five months later, it’s finally hit the UK.

Yes, this is Robosapien meets Homer Simpson, packing the same functionality as everyone’s favourite robot, plus one or two more. There’s 67 functions in total, with the ability to pick up objects, throw objects, kick objects and dance around the room as well as the expected “Homerisms” such as belching, snoring, farting, and the classic “Doh!”

In fact, he’s pre-programmed with all the classic catchphrases, all accessed by a matching remote control. Powered by a couple of AA batteries, you can order one now from the Gadget Shop, which has exclusive rights for the first few weeks. It retails for £69.95.

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Dave Walker
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