Google not scared by Viacom $1bn lawsuit

Intellectual Property, Internet

viacomyoutube.gifGoogle has submitted its response to the $1bn lawsuit Viacom filed against it earlier in the year for “massive intentional copyright infringement” because Viacom owned material appeared prominently on YouTube.

The search company largely denied the claims made by Viacom and said that the lawsuit threatens the basis of how the internet works.

“By seeking to make carriers and hosting providers liable for Internet communications, Viacom’s complaint threatens the way hundreds of millions of people legitimately exchange information, news, entertainment and political and artistic expression,” Google’s response said, as reported by Reuters.

“YouTube’s strategy has been to avoid taking proactive steps to curtail the infringement on its site, thus generating significant traffic and revenues for itself while shifting the entire burden – and high cost – of monitoring YouTube onto the victims of its infringement,” Viacom said at the time of the original suit. Google has requested a jury trial to settle the matter.

Will Head
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