Global piracy rate unchanged since 2003


Pirate_flag_1505The overall amount of illegal software used by businesses around the world hasn’t changed since 2003, according to the Business Software Alliance.

The group claims that more than a third of business software is being used without a licence.

However, countries such as China have made significant reductions in the amount illegal software being used. Piracy rates fell from a staggering 92 percent to a slightly better (but still large) 82 percent.

The US and Western Europe remained static at 22 percent and 36 percent respectively.

Global piracy rates stand at:

Central Europe – 68 percent
Latin America – 66 percent
Middle East/Africa – 60 percent
Asia – 55 percent
Western Europe – 36 percent
North America – 22 percent

[via BBC]
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One thought on “Global piracy rate unchanged since 2003

  • For years there have been industry surveys (annually since the mid 1990s) that talk about how much the software, music and movie industry is “losing due to piracy”.

    The stats are rubbery and in reality are pitching at the wrong layers of management.

    Many do NOT believe the statistics being used by these industry surveys, hence they tend to ignore the advice of the BSA.

    “Really, it’s not really that important how much the software, fonts, music and movie industry is losing, but what should be relevant is “by how much more” you could improve your bottom line and cash flow!”

    Other areas that need to be looked at cover Fonts (that are also subject to license compliance issues, the same as software) plus music and movie files all of which carry risks and exposure from anti-piracy authorities worldwide.

    Further Information:

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