DIRECTV Sat-Go – satellite TV in a briefcase

Satellite TV

I was in a certain budget supermarket yesterday (yes, I do live the high life) and noticed a budget satellite system you can fix onto your caravan or mobile home for satellite TV on the go. But it still involved much screwing and fixing, not to mention the cabling and a TV. That’s not the case with the DIRECTV Sat-Go.

The Sat-Go is a portable satellite receiver with an integrated 17-inch LCD display, all packed into a briefcase carrying case. There’s S-video and component inputs and the whole thing can be powered by battery or mains.

Ideal for when you’re out and about, especially if you are on a camping holiday and without access to your favourite shows. So far this is US-only as far as I can see, where it retails from $1,499 (around £760).

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