Best digital camera to travel with? That's the Canon Ixus 70, Lost Weekend claims

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Our brand spankin’ new travel-blog-for-men, Lost Weekend, is going through the motions of kitting you out with the best travel gadgets to throw into your rucksack.

First on board is the Canon Ixus 70 digital camera, which editor Ollie Irish claims “not only looks lovely – much like the original film Ixus, after which it was styled – but also takes very decent pictures, thanks to its 7.1 megapixel sensor. Perhaps the best thing about it is its size: measuring just 19.4mm thick (or thin), the 70 will hardly trouble the cut of your slacks”. Perfect!

For more travel-related tips and stories for the more, ahem, bloke-ish amongst us, check out Lost Weekend, born just yesterday from Shiny Media’s loins.

Katherine Hannaford
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